Sony Vue

Sony VUE offers users with a wide selection of cable channels. The simple to setup program  also offers an unlimited 28-day DVR based on the cloud, and Sony VUE is also packed with incredibly useful features, like a powerful search algorithm and suggestion tool.


While Sony VUE is limited to PS3 and PS4 only, it’s slowly making its way into the market. First limited to a few select locations, Sony VUE is going to debut in California soon and will eventually spread across the country. While it doesn’t offer Disney channels or any ABC/CW affiliates, Sony VUE has been called “revolutionary” and many are betting that it will be the start to the end of cable TV.

Sony VUE lacks the option to browse the web, and many users have complained about its inability to save content on the DVR for longer than 28-days. While Sony has addressed these problems, they still haven’t been solved. Users of Sony VUE are rather happy with the selection though, and many say that’s really what counts.

Searching on the Sony VUE is simple, and with the suggestion feature built-in, you won’t have any trouble finding what you’re looking for (or discovering a new show). Sony VUE has been complimented by multiple sources for its ease of use and flexible interface. The user-friendly layout has earned it a lot of praise, but some are still stuck on the lack of longevity with the DVR.

If you’re looking a DVR in itself, Sony VUE isn’t your answer. The cloud-based storage will only keep content for 28 days. But, if you plan on using Sony VUE to watch cable channels without the hefty subscription fees and long-term contracts, Sony VUE might just be it.

While many say it hasn’t shown that it can compete with Sling TV (its competitor by Dish Network), users say the convenience and functionality are there. The basic package starts at just under $50 a month, and even though many consumers first downed it for price alone, early users have praised it on the layout and search function, with many saying it makes watch television that much more

While it lacks  the browser-based option that Sling TV has, a lot of users felt they didn’t need it to use Sony VUE for what it was meant for: watching TV. To enjoy Sony VUE, you currently have to live in Chicago, New York, or Philadelphia. While its soon making its way to California, you’ll still have to have either a PS3 or PS4 to enjoy Sony VUE.

With Sony VUE expanding its market, it has been getting a lot of press lately. Current users say its affordable and flexible when compared to typical cable, and the selection is all there for their tastes. While some are stuck on the 28-day content storage and lack of a browser, most say it does what they want it to. Many said they enjoyed the search function and thought the layout was quick and simple to get used to. The majority of Sony VUE users so far have raved about the easy search function, with some even saying that feature alone makes Sony VUE better than typical cable.

Many have speculated that the price will drop significantly as Sony VUE expands its reach, with some even betting that if the price doesn’t drop, Sony VUE won’t even make it to country-wide expansion.

The speculation has also spread further west as the news has hit that Sony VUE will be making its way to California soon. Many have thrown in their own opinions, with a lot stuck on the price and some even saying there’s simply no way that Sony’s market will be willing to get Sony VUE.

In the three markets in which it is available, Sony VUE has been doing quite well. Even though the market is limited by location and further limited to those that have recent PlayStation consoles, Sony VUE has been doing rather well, and many say that its success must have been plentiful to justify its expansion to California.



While Sony VUE has not revolutionized the industry yet, with Sling TV and other devices making their way on to the market, many have been guessing that the industry of cable TV will be experiencing some big changes very soon.

As for Sony VUE, many residents are excited to try it as soon as it expands to their own states. In the meantime, Sony has been making some promising news announcements about upcoming features.

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