DISH Network Hopper Offers Big Benefits!

Thinking about getting DISH Hopper? DVRs have now become a common feature provided by TV providers. Though they are a rather recent development in the world of television, they have amassed a lot of popularity. They offer the users complete control over their entertainment. These devices allow the subscribers to record their favorite shows, even when they are not at home.

Dish HopperSo, if you work a shift job, where you regularly have to miss out on your favorite show, a DVR comes as a blessing for you. But, Hopper, the HD-DVR that is offered by DISH, is no ordinary Digital Video Recorder  Loaded with 25 advanced features to improve your overall entertainment experience, it is a lot more than a regular DVR. There is a reason why the Hopper has received as many as thirty, (yes, 30) prestigious industry awards.

Let’s talk about how good the DVR is at delivering the basic functions. When you get a Hopper at home, you can easily record 2,000 hours of entertainment. 2000 hours of TV shows and movies is enough content to keep you busy for around three months. Wow! That is a lot of entertainment.

This DVR enables the user to save content from as many as 6 channels at one time. So, no one in your family has to delete their recording for another member to record their programming, nor do they have to compromise on who gets to watch their recording first. You can stream the content from this DVR to any other room that is connected to the Hopper.

The user can watch the content on the DVR whenever they like and can fast-forward, rewind, and fast forward the videos as they want. The best part is that the user can easily skip through all the commercials on live TV. This makes the viewing experience even better.

DISH makes sure that, as a customer, you can take advantage of all the latest technology that is currently present in the market. While with Hopper they offered you a truckload of entertainment, good enough for a big family. With Super Joey, you get even better accessibility to this recorded entertainment.

The Joey allows you to connect all the other television sets available in your house to a single Hopper. It also allows you to connect Sling to your Hopper. Now, you can connect all your TVs to a world of entertainment with this small device.


The Joey range of devices and the Hopper have the same interface. So, you do not have to learn any new controls for this device. Moreover, Super Joey is a more compact product than Hopper, which means it does not look conspicuous or can be stashed away in a cabinet.

Both Hopper and Super Joey also come with a built-in remote control locator. So, just in case you have again lost your remote control in the couch cushions or in between the sheets, this will help you find it real fast.

Super Joey is one of the newest members of the Joey family. This DVR allows you to record as many as 8 channels simultaneously. This device is completely compatible with the Hopper, and also comes with two built-in tuners. The Super Joey allows you more power than Hopper. You get to record more shows and hence, you are less dependent on the schedule set by the channels.

As the name suggests, the Wireless Joey will offer you a completely tangle-free experience. With this member of the Joey family at your home, you do not have to worry about any kind of wires around. There is no need to drill new holes in your walls or buy cabinets to cover the wires. Just get Wireless Joey.

This new offering from DISH makes use of the 802.11 AC Wi-Fi Network, and is completely reliable. This is basically Super Joey, albeit without the wires. So, you still get the abundant storage space, ability to pause, rewind, forward the content, compatibility with the Hopper, and so on.

Watching the content you have recorded from live TV is just the tip of the iceberg. Hopper and the other devices that come with it can do much more once you connect them to the internet. When you take Hopper online, you get access to a lot of fresh content.

Not just the ones you have stored. You will get access to a lot of new apps that will broaden the entertainment options you have access to. These include wildly popular apps like Vevo, Pandora, Netflix, the MLB Network, Facebook, and so on.

You can also enjoy as many as 70 Music channels on Sirius XM with this versatile DVR. With this DVR by your side, you also get access to the DISH Anywhere app, which lets you watch all the live programming on any smart device just like you can watch on television. That’s not all. You can enjoy both surround sound, watch your favorite shows quietly with the help of Bluetooth, or plug in the headphones.

Hopper is a smart device that belongs in every modern home. If you are out, and want to watch that show you saved, you can access this multifaceted DVR and enjoy your programming on the go.

Not only this, if you do not think you will have access to an internet connection on your travels or if you are catching a long flight, do not forget to transfer all the content from the Hopper to a mobile device of your choice. Yes, DISH Hopper allows you to transfer content, which you can watch anywhere on your smart device.

The latest version of the Hopper, Hopper 3, hit the market in February, 2016. It is available to all the DISH Network subscribers and is already a wild success. The new Hopper has all the features of the older versions plus some really cool new ones.

The third generation Hopper offers the 4K experience; it offers to record a maximum of seven channels, in addition to 16 tuners.  This means that it will become even easier to watch different programming in separate rooms. Since most of the tasks can be done simultaneously with this DVR, there is hardly any reason you will ever need to cancel recording or encounter any conflicts.

Dish and NetflixAs already mentioned, Hopper 3 offers support for 4K content, which means that it can both store and play 4K content. There is also a revamped Netflix app that forms a part of this new Hopper experience. Soon, you will be able to watch all the 4K shows on offer on Netflix via your DISH Hopper.

There is another good news for people interested in the 4K programming. The Hopper HD-DVR does not only support Super Joey and Wireless Joey, but is also compatible with the new 4K Joey. So, you can get 4K content in all the rooms you want.

This is supported by the improved new choices for connectivity like the MoCA 2.0 and Gigabit Ethernet. Without a doubt, Hopper 3 is going to offer you the finest whole-home entertainment experience ever.

The Hopper is a neat product offered by DISH Network. With so many firsts for a DVR, the first generation Hopper is in itself a revelation. This DVR that came into existence around 4 years ago has set a gold standard for the DVR industry. The company has maintained the quality of the product by continuously revamping the DVR to keep it way ahead of the competition.

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