13 Things You Didn’t Catch in Castle


Castle follows highly successful murder mystery author Richard Castle after he kills off one of his main characters to find that a serial killer is imitating his novels in New York. Richard gets permission from the mayor to tag along with the police department for research purposes as they investigate the case.

Now in its seventh season, Castle has won 21 awards (including four Primetime Emmys) and received another dozen nominations. The hit show has gained momentum over the past few years, and ratings have continuously risen, with spikes shown for the last few seasons. Whether you’re a longtime fan or just getting hooked on the series, there’s a good chance you didn’t catch any of these things in Castle!

  1. Kevin Ryan (Seamus Dever) and Jenny Ryan (Juliana Dever) who play a married couple on the show are also married in real life.
  2. At least once in every episode, Detective Kevin Ryan can be seen carrying one of Castle’s books.
  3. To find the perfect actress to play Beckett, Nathan Fillion read with over one-hundred actresses.
  4. When Stana Katic (Kate Beckett) was auditioning for the part and first met Nathan Fillion (Richard Castle) she had just come out of hair and makeup when she realized her blouse was too long. Looking for scissors to cut her blouse, she greeted Nathan who asked her if she was ready to read her lines. She responded with a no and said “speaking of lines, can you cut a straight line?” The producers watched their interaction as Nathan cut her blouse to the right length, and they then decided that she would play Beckett.
  5. In the show, Castle has a series of novels about Nikki Heat. He shadows the character of Detective Heat by a writer named Jameson Rook. In real life, the game of chess uses the words “rook” and “castle” as interchangeable names to refer to the same piece. In the beginning of the show, the creators called Nathan’s character “Castle” as a parody of “Stephen King,” whose last name is also that of a chess piece.
  6. Detective Beckett can be seen in many episodes drinking from a mug that reads “Innocent Bystander.”castle-goof-2
  7. In the reoccurring intro of season two, Castle compares his relationship with Beckett to that of “Turner and Hooch” which is an underlying reference to Scott Paulin who plays Beckett’s father in the show and also has a part on Turner and Hooch.
  8. There are very prominent references and inside jokes relating to Firefly throughout the series (because Nathan Fillion used to have a part in the show), but there’s also another set of references/inside jokes occurring throughout the series. Whenever a comic book is mentioned, Beckett expresses her admiration for writer/artist Frank Miller. This is a subtle reference to that fact that the actress who plays Beckett (Stana Katic) appeared previously in Miller’s directorial debut The Spirit.
  9. On the show, the set used for Castle’s apartment is the same on used for the lead character on the series Moonlight that only lasted for a short while on television.

10. Both Seamus Dever and Jon Huertas had parts on the popular TV series NCIS before getting their roles on Castle as Detective Kevin Ryan and Detective Javier Esposito.

11. On the show, Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Meredith (Darby Stanchfield) were previously married to one another. In the movie Waitress, the two actors played a married couple.

12. Throughout the series, Castle makes frequent references to the Godfather Vito Corleone, usually when the case is mob-related.

13. Early in the series, Beckett clearly stated over the phone in one episode that her bade number was 41319, but in many episodes the number will change to something other.

With Castle still gaining more fans after seven years on air, there’s no doubt that the writers and cast know what they’re doing. And with over 100 tries just to get a single character right, fans can tell that the producers have put a lot of thought and effort into the show – and it paid off! Castle has already been renewed for an eighth season, and critics and viewers alike and have only given the show praise after praise. With many agreeing that Castle still has many stories to tell, there’s no doubt the show will be returning again and again.castle-tv-show

Even though some shows seem to run out of things to say after seven years on air, it’s clear that Castle is just in its beginning.  Just hop over here to sign up for a Dish Network package so you can stay up to date with all the episodes.

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