What is the Ideal Internet Speed For You?

In the internet lingo, bandwidth refers to the maximum speed at which you can download anything over your internet connection. Your bandwidth is capped at a certain limit by your service provider as per your internet plan. If you want a smooth experience every time you are using the internet, you need to have a bandwidth that matches your internet usage behavior.

You certainly don’t want your online videos to pause for buffering every few seconds, right? Neither do you wish to spend more money than you need to on your internet. So, understand your bandwidth requirements before purchasing a broadband internet plan. Here’s what you need to consider to arrive at your ideal internet speed.

Why do you need the internet?

Your bandwidth requirement is decided by what you do on the internet. If sending emails and browsing is what you do most of the time, then even a 0.5Mbps connection is sufficient for your needs. Even if you regularly use the internet for video chats, Skype recommends a bandwidth of at least 0.3Mbps for stable connections. Clearly, a 0.5Mbps connection can take care of all your needs.

If you regularly check social media, watch video clips on youtube regularly, and listen to music online, then you will need a speed of at least 1Mbps. Then there are the users who use the internet to stream movies, or share files frequently.

Netflix recommends a speed of 3Mbps for SD quality video streaming and 5Mbps for HD quality video streaming. For 4K video streaming, you will need a bandwidth of more than 10Mbps, which is also the requirement for live video game streaming.

How many devices will be connected to the connection?

A thumb rule is that whatever your bandwidth requirement is, multiply that number by the average number of devices that will be simultaneously using the internet. That’s because your connection’s bandwidth will be split among all the devices that will be using the internet.

Now, you might be having a laptop, a smartphone, a tablet, and a video game console. Although they might be connected to the internet constantly, you probably use any one or two devices at any given time. Thus, the average number of devices that will be sucking up the internet is 2 or 1, depending on your usage pattern.


That’s not the end of this exercise, unless you live alone. You might have constant company in your home. You could be living with your girlfriend, boyfriend, or your family. In such cases, you have to consider all of their devices too. Calculate the average number of devices that will be using the internet at any given point of time in your entire home.

Now, you could go ahead and simply multiply this number by your bandwidth requirement to arrive at your home’s bandwidth requirement, as mentioned before. But, aren’t we forgetting something? Your housemates could have very different internet usage patterns.

Your son might be a hardcore gamer who constantly live-streams his video games. Your spouse could be a light user of the internet. So, consider each member’s bandwidth requirement separately, and then add them all up. Now, you have arrived at your home’s ideal bandwidth requirement.

And yeah, this might sound like a lot of work. But, it isn’t. It’ll hardly take you half an hour to be done with. Moreover, you don’t want to shout at your spouse to pause their downloads just because you are unable to load your Netflix video, right? That’s why it is important that you know your requirement.

Upload Speeds Matter Too

We usually focus too much attention on download speeds. But, some of our internet usage is upload heavy. Perhaps, you click a lot of pictures that you need to sync online all the time. Maybe you make or edit videos for a living and have to upload them on the internet constantly. Or, you do a lot of peer-to-peer file sharing. All these activities require you to upload a huge amount of data. Naturally, your upload speeds should be high. Consider the amount of files you upload on a daily basis. Ask yourself – what is the ideal speed at which these files should be uploaded? Is it fine if these files take 5 hours, an hour, 15 minutes, or less to upload? Depending on your answer, you have your ideal upload speed requirement.

A bulk of the internet service providers offer high download speeds but low upload speeds. But, you can find services which offer same upload and download speeds.

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Sling TV Review – 7 Things You Need to Know Before You Subscribe

DISH’s Sling TV service has had a promising run, when you consider that it has been around for only 2 years. Sure, it is still far from being counted among the streaming industry leaders, but it is certainly giving them a run for their money. Sling TV is designed for a very specific target. It is not suited for everybody. But, its target audience simply cannot help but fall in love with it. It is their dream TV service. Here we bring you some facts about Sling TV service that’ll help you decide whether it is suited for you or not.

1. It is the best option for cord cutting sports fans

One of the major reasons sports fans feel stuck with pay TV services is because they do not have many options when it comes to sports. None of the on-demand streaming services offer latest sports content. For them, Sling TV offered a whole world of possibilities. Being the first streaming service to offer live sports content, Sling TV helped a huge number of sports fans cut their cord. It still is one of the best ways to enjoy sports content online. Its sports extra add-on pack offers 9 sports channels, including ESPN, SEC Network, ESPNews, Golf Channel, ESPNU, and more.

2. It is a true cable alternative, albeit asmarter one

Pay TV subscriptions come with only a limited level of customization. They offer plans that often include hundreds of channels that you never watch. Inevitably, you end up paying even for the channels that you never watch. Sling TV removes all the fluff from your entertainment. Its basic plans are compact and feature as few as 30 channels. Once you select your basic pack, you can add all the premium channels and niche programming according to your liking. This way, you only pay for what you watch.


3. You get on-demand content. But, it is nothing compared to the likes of Netflix

Sling TV is a live TV service. It does not aspire to become an on-demand service (at least for now) like Netflix. So, its on-demand service is not in the same league as Netflix. Sling TV’s on-demand service is fundamentally dependent on the whims of the channels it offers. There is no guarantee that all the episodes or movies aired on a channel will be made available for on-demand viewing. Some channels like HBO promptly offer all the content aired by them, while most don’t. Sling TV is not the first choice of on-demand TV lovers.

4. Watch, anywhere, anytime, and anyhow

The best thing about Sling TV is that you can finally enjoy live TV the way you want. Sling TV supports a large number of devices, which makes it possible for you to enjoy your TV pretty much anywhere. The supporting devices include Xbox One, Amazon Fire device, Nexus Player, Android phones, iOS phones, Roku, Chromecast, Windows, and even smart TVs. As you can see, most of these devices are highly portable, and they allow you to enjoy your TV anywhere you want, as long as you have an internet connection. When you sign up for the service and prepay for a month’s subscription, you also get a Roku device, which comes very handy.


5. Sling TV offers a cloud DVR

Sling TV had been experimenting with their cloud DVR feature for some time now, and has now expanded it beyond the beta-testing phase. Unlike traditional DVRs, Sling TV DVR allows you to record multiple shows simultaneously and on the cloud. So, you are not using any space on the device you are using to stream the content. As of now, you can record 50 hours of content and the oldest shows are deleted as and when the space is full. As with all other Sling TV offerings, the customer also has a choice here, whether or not to use a DVR service. Currently the service commands a price of $5 a month for saving 50 hours of data. This is a good addition to the Sling TV services. However, this feature is not integrated successfully with all the channels yet.

6. You can test Sling TV through its free trial

Sling TV is a next generation entertainment platform that does not carry the same flaws as its parent company – DISH, such as long-term contracts. You pay for a month’s service, and then enjoy it for the month. At the end of the period, you are totally free to discontinue your services with Sling TV. In fact, Sling TV does not even force you to pay for a month’s subscription to test it out. There is a 7-day free trial offered for all. You can use it to check out whether you like the service or not, and then decide how you go forward from there.

The Xbox One users have a special offer. They get a 30-day free trial, instead of the usual 7 days. This allows them to experience the streaming service for a longer time.

7. Sling TV is the cheapest way to enjoy live TV.

You can enjoy Sling TV for as little as $20 a month. Cable and satellite subscriptions cost multiple times higher than that. Also, you can add your favorite channels to your base plan using the various add-on packs. Each of these add-on packs cost $5 a month, and include related channels like kids’ programming, world news, sports, movies, and so on. Premium channel packs like HBO and Cinemax cost more.

As you can see Sling TV’s packs are slim. Unlike pay TV packages which make you pay for 100+ channels, of which you watch only 30+ channels, Sling TV only offers 30+ popular channels and charge you for only them. Even among its direct competitors like PlayStation Vue, and DirecTV Now, Sling is still the most affordable option.


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DISH Network Hopper Offers Big Benefits!

Thinking about getting DISH Hopper? DVRs have now become a common feature provided by TV providers. Though they are a rather recent development in the world of television, they have amassed a lot of popularity. They offer the users complete control over their entertainment. These devices allow the subscribers to record their favorite shows, even when they are not at home.

Dish HopperSo, if you work a shift job, where you regularly have to miss out on your favorite show, a DVR comes as a blessing for you. But, Hopper, the HD-DVR that is offered by DISH, is no ordinary Digital Video Recorder  Loaded with 25 advanced features to improve your overall entertainment experience, it is a lot more than a regular DVR. There is a reason why the Hopper has received as many as thirty, (yes, 30) prestigious industry awards.

Let’s talk about how good the DVR is at delivering the basic functions. When you get a Hopper at home, you can easily record 2,000 hours of entertainment. 2000 hours of TV shows and movies is enough content to keep you busy for around three months. Wow! That is a lot of entertainment.

This DVR enables the user to save content from as many as 6 channels at one time. So, no one in your family has to delete their recording for another member to record their programming, nor do they have to compromise on who gets to watch their recording first. You can stream the content from this DVR to any other room that is connected to the Hopper.

The user can watch the content on the DVR whenever they like and can fast-forward, rewind, and fast forward the videos as they want. The best part is that the user can easily skip through all the commercials on live TV. This makes the viewing experience even better.

DISH makes sure that, as a customer, you can take advantage of all the latest technology that is currently present in the market. While with Hopper they offered you a truckload of entertainment, good enough for a big family. With Super Joey, you get even better accessibility to this recorded entertainment.

The Joey allows you to connect all the other television sets available in your house to a single Hopper. It also allows you to connect Sling to your Hopper. Now, you can connect all your TVs to a world of entertainment with this small device.


The Joey range of devices and the Hopper have the same interface. So, you do not have to learn any new controls for this device. Moreover, Super Joey is a more compact product than Hopper, which means it does not look conspicuous or can be stashed away in a cabinet.

Both Hopper and Super Joey also come with a built-in remote control locator. So, just in case you have again lost your remote control in the couch cushions or in between the sheets, this will help you find it real fast.

Super Joey is one of the newest members of the Joey family. This DVR allows you to record as many as 8 channels simultaneously. This device is completely compatible with the Hopper, and also comes with two built-in tuners. The Super Joey allows you more power than Hopper. You get to record more shows and hence, you are less dependent on the schedule set by the channels.

As the name suggests, the Wireless Joey will offer you a completely tangle-free experience. With this member of the Joey family at your home, you do not have to worry about any kind of wires around. There is no need to drill new holes in your walls or buy cabinets to cover the wires. Just get Wireless Joey.

This new offering from DISH makes use of the 802.11 AC Wi-Fi Network, and is completely reliable. This is basically Super Joey, albeit without the wires. So, you still get the abundant storage space, ability to pause, rewind, forward the content, compatibility with the Hopper, and so on.

Watching the content you have recorded from live TV is just the tip of the iceberg. Hopper and the other devices that come with it can do much more once you connect them to the internet. When you take Hopper online, you get access to a lot of fresh content.

Not just the ones you have stored. You will get access to a lot of new apps that will broaden the entertainment options you have access to. These include wildly popular apps like Vevo, Pandora, Netflix, the MLB Network, Facebook, and so on.

You can also enjoy as many as 70 Music channels on Sirius XM with this versatile DVR. With this DVR by your side, you also get access to the DISH Anywhere app, which lets you watch all the live programming on any smart device just like you can watch on television. That’s not all. You can enjoy both surround sound, watch your favorite shows quietly with the help of Bluetooth, or plug in the headphones.

Hopper is a smart device that belongs in every modern home. If you are out, and want to watch that show you saved, you can access this multifaceted DVR and enjoy your programming on the go.

Not only this, if you do not think you will have access to an internet connection on your travels or if you are catching a long flight, do not forget to transfer all the content from the Hopper to a mobile device of your choice. Yes, DISH Hopper allows you to transfer content, which you can watch anywhere on your smart device.

The latest version of the Hopper, Hopper 3, hit the market in February, 2016. It is available to all the DISH Network subscribers and is already a wild success. The new Hopper has all the features of the older versions plus some really cool new ones.

The third generation Hopper offers the 4K experience; it offers to record a maximum of seven channels, in addition to 16 tuners.  This means that it will become even easier to watch different programming in separate rooms. Since most of the tasks can be done simultaneously with this DVR, there is hardly any reason you will ever need to cancel recording or encounter any conflicts.

Dish and NetflixAs already mentioned, Hopper 3 offers support for 4K content, which means that it can both store and play 4K content. There is also a revamped Netflix app that forms a part of this new Hopper experience. Soon, you will be able to watch all the 4K shows on offer on Netflix via your DISH Hopper.

There is another good news for people interested in the 4K programming. The Hopper HD-DVR does not only support Super Joey and Wireless Joey, but is also compatible with the new 4K Joey. So, you can get 4K content in all the rooms you want.

This is supported by the improved new choices for connectivity like the MoCA 2.0 and Gigabit Ethernet. Without a doubt, Hopper 3 is going to offer you the finest whole-home entertainment experience ever.

The Hopper is a neat product offered by DISH Network. With so many firsts for a DVR, the first generation Hopper is in itself a revelation. This DVR that came into existence around 4 years ago has set a gold standard for the DVR industry. The company has maintained the quality of the product by continuously revamping the DVR to keep it way ahead of the competition.

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How to Choose the Best Internet Provider

Internet is a vital component to the way of life for most people, and that is why this can become such a vital decision, one which requires due thought and consideration. You likely use Internet for a number of important purposes, ranging from contact and communication, work, school, surfing the web, and entertainment needs. The Internet opens up an entire world and in order to function in today’s society it is essential to have. Some of the most important subjects which will present themselves include reliability, price, and of course speed. You can go over to this website to check availability of high speed Internet service in your area.

Having slow Internet that won’t allow you to download very fast (or maybe not at all), lags, and otherwise makes tasks difficult, can be incredibly frustrating. This article will talk a little more about finding the best Internet provider for you and your family.

Time warner cable in new york city NYC Manage DVR with TWC TV

There are a number of different Internet services which are available through different providers. The best choice is broadband, and broadband is a term which applies to Internet connections which are always on, such as satellite, cable, fiber optic service, and DSL. There is also dial up, but this is not something you likely want unless you have no choice. Each one of these different services has advantages and disadvantage, but we will be focusing on cable and satellite Internet services.

Cable broadband is not only usually faster than satellite Internet and DSL  speed doesn’t necessarily depend on distance–like DSL. One of the biggest issues with cable broadband is the fact that it is usually shared with those living around you. If there are a lot of people online simultaneously it might make for slower speeds.

Time Warner Cable best internet NYC new york city the big apple

In the same way that cable broadband is supplied through your cable service provider, satellite Internet comes through your satellite TV provider—specifically through your satellite dish itself. If you live in an area where cable, fiber, and DSL are unavailable, you can probably still get Internet through satellite. Satellite can be slower and more expensive, but it generally provides more reliable speeds than other services. With either cable or satellite Internet you will have the option to bundle programs, such as Internet, TV, and phone services. This makes it cheaper than buying from multiple providers.

Before you can make any kind of decision about the service and provider you want, you will have to do some research and comparing if you want to find the perfect fit. You will first have to find out what services are even available to you in your area, and this can be done by asking those who live in your town or community, and/or by getting online and searching your zipcode. See what sort of feedback you get from asking people about their experiences. 

How to best internet Time Warner Cable New York City

Once you have narrowed down your options start price checking. This is fairly easy, all you have to do is get an estimate by plugging in your address. Focus on the speeds/packages offered for the price ranges you want, so you can find something that works for your household requirements. You may also want to do additional research online, and be sure to ask any questions you may have. 

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Hulu V Netflix

Most of the Millennials are ditching regular cable to opt for internet streaming services. Not only do the online video streaming services offer flexibility in terms of device and location, they also provide the choice of viewing any and every TV show at any time, convenient to the user. All you need is an internet-enabled TV, computer, Xbox or any other device that can be hooked on to the TV and can be used to access the internet. There are many service providers in the internet content space, and each come with its own benefits and pitfalls. Here is a comparison between the two biggest content sourcing services, Netflix and Hulu. The comparisons have been drawn to understand the nuances of each service and to analyze the cost to benefit ratio of each, so that we can reach an unbiased verdict.

Subscription Fee

combined services

Hulu Plus is the advanced or the upgraded subscription from the free service, Hulu. The going rate of the subscription is $7.99 per month and there are no other packages, offers or anything. Netflix also has a monthly subscription of $7.99. This places both the services at the same pedestal as far as the price point is concerned.

TV Shows on Offer

The Hulu Plus members get to watch a huge database of television shows that are updated within a day or two of their cable broadcast. So, Hulu Plus offers fresh content and a whole variety of it. On the other hand, Netflix does not have a great storehouse of TV shows like Hulu. The TV content is limited, but most of the popular shows are available. However, the factor that plays in favor of Netflix is that it offers a lot of premium shows that air on HBO, Showtime, and so on. So, if users want to watch old seasons of TV shows and not necessarily fret over brand new episodes being updated, then Netflix may work. On the other hand, users who are looking to replace cable to watch TV shows online, Hulu Plus should be the service they pick.

Movie Database


The movie collection on Netflix is better than Hulu Plus. They have more recent and more movies to show viewers. Hulu Plus offers a decent collection of movies. While it may not be as hefty as its TV show database, it has some good quality films and documentaries. So, those who are looking for a streaming service solely for the purpose of watching movies, will be better off with Netflix.

Media Players

Apart from the regular video settings, the Hulu player allows the users to select the resolution of the content, they wish to watch. All of the shows can be watched in high definition, high, medium or low resolution. Users can also select the ‘Auto’ option, to let the player choose the resolution that works best with the device being used, for optimal experience. There are also options to adjust the light settings for a better viewing experience. Netflix comes with all the regular settings as far as the player is concerned. A major difference being the user cannot select the resolution of the video and it is adjusted automatically
depending on the hard drive of the device being used. The additional feature here is the list of upcoming episodes, which is not present in the Hulu Plus player.

User Experience

Hulu can be accessed from any device and the user interface is highly user friendly. Users can also set a watchlist of their favorite shows. Similarly, Netflix also has a nice and welcoming page on which users can view all the shows and log in to their account. It also suggests videos based on the user’s previous searches, tastes and preferences. The Netflix website is faster, much easier to scan, and offers a more fluid experience. For any online portal, providing a seamless user interface has to be a priority and Netflix definitely takes the cake here.

Though compatibility is not an issue with Netflix, Hulu Plus has been found to be incompatible with some of the operating systems out there, which could be a major concern for some. As far as platforms are concerned, Hulu and Netflix both are offered on many devices – Phone, TV, tablet, laptops, Xbox, Playstation, and so on. These devices can be used to stream content through both the service providers.

Then there are the ads on Hulu Plus that might interrupt the viewing experience. Even in the premium version, ads are integrated with the video and the users have to sit through the ads, if they wish to view the content. There is another option where the viewers can watch all the ads together like a video which would ensure that the ads do not appear sporadically during the course of the video. Netflix, on the other hand, does not throw in any ads in between the content. This puts Netflix above Hulu Plus in terms of user experience.

Additional Services

hulu plus

In addition to the internet streaming, Netflix also offers a DVD delivery service. The users can rent the DVDs that can be received by mail. They can be used as long as the users have an active Netflix subscription. This was the business model that Netflix actually started with. Hulu Plus, however, does not offer any such service.

Free Membership Trial

Both Netflix and Hulu Plus offer free membership trials. Netflix offers this for a month, while Hulu Plus offers free trial for a week. The Hulu Plus trial also has a limit of 5 videos per month. Also, Hulu is the free version of the site and can be accessed from anywhere anytime. The content, of course is limited.


Hulu Plus probably has more features when it comes to watching videos, since adjustments can be made to the light settings, and quality of the video, among other things. Alternatively, Netflix is faster and better in terms of surfing. Its site works efficiently on any device. Other than that, while Hulu Plus has better television content, Netflix offers more movies. For someone who is looking to solely use either of the services, Hulu Plus seems to be a better option with all the television shows updated regularly. However, if a user wants to supplement cable, Netflix is the obvious choice because of its awesome movie collection.

There is also a trend to subscribe to both the services, in lieu of cable. The reason being simple. A cable connection would cost anywhere in the range of $70 to $80 per month. However, even subscribing to both the services together, would only cost a measly $16 for a month. Both Netflix and Hulu Plus provide quality content and users should make use of the free trial to get a drift of whether or not the service offers what they are looking for.

You might also want to check into VIDGO – the new online television service.

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Everything You Need to Know About TiVo Roamio



iVo Roamio is a DVR (or digital video recording) device which is the next generation device available from TiVo, which became well known in the 2000s for being the most notable and popular recording device outside of premium cable recording services.

TiVo Roamio is an updated, newer device and service offered by the same company. How does it stack up, particularly since the market for these devices has radically changed in the past few years? Let’s take a closer look at the quality, features and overall worth of TiVo Roamio.tivo-remote-and-console

The device itself costs more than other modern devices

Most TV add-on devices in the current market don’t reach above $100–and they come with an array of features such as streaming, games, and more. TiVo Roamio, on the other hand, costs a hefty $200.00–and that’s without considering the cost of the subscription fees.

There are subscription fees

Subscription fees are nothing new, of course, but the subscription fees for TiVo Roamio can be pretty hefty. The service does offer a “lifetime subscription fee” for $500, which is less expensive than what you would pay if you simply paid for the subscription month to month–but that is a lot of money (at least $700, not including taxes) to initially set up the device.

Unfortunately, there are downsides to even the lifetime subscription fees. The “lifetime subscription fee” is only allotted for your device, not to your account. This means if your current TiVo Roamio breaks or the company comes out with a new device and you want to upgrade, you will have to pay for another hefty lifetime subscription fee.

The weather can affect how well it works

One of the downsides of TiVo Roamio is that it is not perfectly in sync with your cable subscription, unlike devices which are made by cable companies. Bad weather can actually disrupt your TiVo Roamio service, making it difficult and even impossible to record your favorite shows and movies.

The device is (finally) smaller and more user-friendly

TiVo has been pretty slow on catching up with the trends towards smaller, lighter and more user-friendly devices, but with TiVo Roamio they have finally designed a device that fits in perfectly with any modern entertainment system. The device is lightweight, small, and quiet. Most importantly, the new TiVo Roamio is very easy use even if you have never owned a TiVo before. The intuitive remote and set-up guide are also very user-friendly, making it a cinch to set-up; although set-up may take some time, particularly if you have more than a standard cable subscription.


It has an expansive hard drive

It’s important for any DVR device to have a great hard drive, and TiVo Roamio doesn’t disappoint. The basic model has a 500 GB hard drive–the ability to expand into larger hard drives are expected to be available soon, according to the company–which is a sizable amount that will hold a number of TV shows and movies.

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Sony Vue

Sony VUE offers users with a wide selection of cable channels. The simple to setup program  also offers an unlimited 28-day DVR based on the cloud, and Sony VUE is also packed with incredibly useful features, like a powerful search algorithm and suggestion tool.


While Sony VUE is limited to PS3 and PS4 only, it’s slowly making its way into the market. First limited to a few select locations, Sony VUE is going to debut in California soon and will eventually spread across the country. While it doesn’t offer Disney channels or any ABC/CW affiliates, Sony VUE has been called “revolutionary” and many are betting that it will be the start to the end of cable TV.

Sony VUE lacks the option to browse the web, and many users have complained about its inability to save content on the DVR for longer than 28-days. While Sony has addressed these problems, they still haven’t been solved. Users of Sony VUE are rather happy with the selection though, and many say that’s really what counts.

Searching on the Sony VUE is simple, and with the suggestion feature built-in, you won’t have any trouble finding what you’re looking for (or discovering a new show). Sony VUE has been complimented by multiple sources for its ease of use and flexible interface. The user-friendly layout has earned it a lot of praise, but some are still stuck on the lack of longevity with the DVR.

If you’re looking a DVR in itself, Sony VUE isn’t your answer. The cloud-based storage will only keep content for 28 days. But, if you plan on using Sony VUE to watch cable channels without the hefty subscription fees and long-term contracts, Sony VUE might just be it.

While many say it hasn’t shown that it can compete with Sling TV (its competitor by Dish Network), users say the convenience and functionality are there. The basic package starts at just under $50 a month, and even though many consumers first downed it for price alone, early users have praised it on the layout and search function, with many saying it makes watch television that much more enjoyable.play-station-vue

While it lacks  the browser-based option that Sling TV has, a lot of users felt they didn’t need it to use Sony VUE for what it was meant for: watching TV. To enjoy Sony VUE, you currently have to live in Chicago, New York, or Philadelphia. While its soon making its way to California, you’ll still have to have either a PS3 or PS4 to enjoy Sony VUE.

With Sony VUE expanding its market, it has been getting a lot of press lately. Current users say its affordable and flexible when compared to typical cable, and the selection is all there for their tastes. While some are stuck on the 28-day content storage and lack of a browser, most say it does what they want it to. Many said they enjoyed the search function and thought the layout was quick and simple to get used to. The majority of Sony VUE users so far have raved about the easy search function, with some even saying that feature alone makes Sony VUE better than typical cable.

Many have speculated that the price will drop significantly as Sony VUE expands its reach, with some even betting that if the price doesn’t drop, Sony VUE won’t even make it to country-wide expansion.

The speculation has also spread further west as the news has hit that Sony VUE will be making its way to California soon. Many have thrown in their own opinions, with a lot stuck on the price and some even saying there’s simply no way that Sony’s market will be willing to get Sony VUE.

In the three markets in which it is available, Sony VUE has been doing quite well. Even though the market is limited by location and further limited to those that have recent PlayStation consoles, Sony VUE has been doing rather well, and many say that its success must have been plentiful to justify its expansion to California.



While Sony VUE has not revolutionized the industry yet, with Sling TV and other devices making their way on to the market, many have been guessing that the industry of cable TV will be experiencing some big changes very soon.

As for Sony VUE, many residents are excited to try it as soon as it expands to their own states. In the meantime, Sony has been making some promising news announcements about upcoming features.

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13 Things You Didn’t Catch in Castle


Castle follows highly successful murder mystery author Richard Castle after he kills off one of his main characters to find that a serial killer is imitating his novels in New York. Richard gets permission from the mayor to tag along with the police department for research purposes as they investigate the case.

Now in its seventh season, Castle has won 21 awards (including four Primetime Emmys) and received another dozen nominations. The hit show has gained momentum over the past few years, and ratings have continuously risen, with spikes shown for the last few seasons. Whether you’re a longtime fan or just getting hooked on the series, there’s a good chance you didn’t catch any of these things in Castle!

  1. Kevin Ryan (Seamus Dever) and Jenny Ryan (Juliana Dever) who play a married couple on the show are also married in real life.
  2. At least once in every episode, Detective Kevin Ryan can be seen carrying one of Castle’s books.
  3. To find the perfect actress to play Beckett, Nathan Fillion read with over one-hundred actresses.
  4. When Stana Katic (Kate Beckett) was auditioning for the part and first met Nathan Fillion (Richard Castle) she had just come out of hair and makeup when she realized her blouse was too long. Looking for scissors to cut her blouse, she greeted Nathan who asked her if she was ready to read her lines. She responded with a no and said “speaking of lines, can you cut a straight line?” The producers watched their interaction as Nathan cut her blouse to the right length, and they then decided that she would play Beckett.
  5. In the show, Castle has a series of novels about Nikki Heat. He shadows the character of Detective Heat by a writer named Jameson Rook. In real life, the game of chess uses the words “rook” and “castle” as interchangeable names to refer to the same piece. In the beginning of the show, the creators called Nathan’s character “Castle” as a parody of “Stephen King,” whose last name is also that of a chess piece.
  6. Detective Beckett can be seen in many episodes drinking from a mug that reads “Innocent Bystander.”castle-goof-2
  7. In the reoccurring intro of season two, Castle compares his relationship with Beckett to that of “Turner and Hooch” which is an underlying reference to Scott Paulin who plays Beckett’s father in the show and also has a part on Turner and Hooch.
  8. There are very prominent references and inside jokes relating to Firefly throughout the series (because Nathan Fillion used to have a part in the show), but there’s also another set of references/inside jokes occurring throughout the series. Whenever a comic book is mentioned, Beckett expresses her admiration for writer/artist Frank Miller. This is a subtle reference to that fact that the actress who plays Beckett (Stana Katic) appeared previously in Miller’s directorial debut The Spirit.
  9. On the show, the set used for Castle’s apartment is the same on used for the lead character on the series Moonlight that only lasted for a short while on television.

10. Both Seamus Dever and Jon Huertas had parts on the popular TV series NCIS before getting their roles on Castle as Detective Kevin Ryan and Detective Javier Esposito.

11. On the show, Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Meredith (Darby Stanchfield) were previously married to one another. In the movie Waitress, the two actors played a married couple.

12. Throughout the series, Castle makes frequent references to the Godfather Vito Corleone, usually when the case is mob-related.

13. Early in the series, Beckett clearly stated over the phone in one episode that her bade number was 41319, but in many episodes the number will change to something other.

With Castle still gaining more fans after seven years on air, there’s no doubt that the writers and cast know what they’re doing. And with over 100 tries just to get a single character right, fans can tell that the producers have put a lot of thought and effort into the show – and it paid off! Castle has already been renewed for an eighth season, and critics and viewers alike and have only given the show praise after praise. With many agreeing that Castle still has many stories to tell, there’s no doubt the show will be returning again and again.castle-tv-show

Even though some shows seem to run out of things to say after seven years on air, it’s clear that Castle is just in its beginning.  Just hop over here to sign up for a Dish Network package so you can stay up to date with all the episodes.

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Things You didn’t Know About Gotham



Gotham is an American crime television series developed by Bruno Heller. The show’s premise follows characters that appear in the DC Universe, specifically those unique to the Batman franchise. Originally, the series would serve as a look at an earlier, pre-Batman version of the Gotham Police Force, but has since evolved to include the early stories of several Batman villains. The first season originally included 16 episodes, the first of which premiered on September 2014. Later, the series was extended to include additional episodes, for a total of 22 season 1 episodes. The series was renewed on January of 2015 for a second season.

The story follows new GCPD recruit James Gordon, who’s paired with Harvey Bullock to investigate the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne. During his investigation, he meets the young Bruce Wayne, now in the care of his butler, Alfred Pennyworth. Having seen the distraught child, Gordon is further compelled to track down the Waynes murderer and bring whoever it is to justice. In doing so, of course, he earns the ire of several mafia families station in Gotham. He’s forced into an unlikely alliance with the young Bruce Wayne, one that eventually shapes Bruce’s future as the Dark Knight.


Gotham has received generally positive reviews. Rotten Tomatoes has a rating of 90% based on 86 critic reviews. The average score was 7.3 out of 10. The site’s consensus stated “High production values, a talented cast, and an appealingly stylized approach to the Batman mythos help Gotham overcome its occasionally familiar themes.” Similarly, Metacritic and IMDb have rated the show highly, giving a score of 71 out of 100 and 8.1 out of 10, respectively.

David Hinckley of the New York Daily News praised the first episode of Gotham, grateful it played more like “a 45-minute movie, with stunning visuals that never feel like a shrunken TV version of the Batman films against which it will inevitably be measured.” He further praised Donal Logue’s performance as Harvey Bullock, praising him a scene-stealer.

The television series specifically excels at presenting Gotham in all of its moody glory. It’s akin to cities and towns run by gangsters, where the wrong word can find someone lying dead in an alleyway. Moreover, the series paves the necessary groundwork that justifies the need for everyone’s favorite caped crusader. While other superhero television shows may fail to tell their own story while belonging to a larger universe, Gotham clearly defines itself as a prelude to everything that is Batman.

Similar to other Batman themed stories, Gotham begins with the tragic murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne. However, instead cutting straight to the Bruce Wayne becoming Batman story line, Gotham allows the audience to understand just how important the Waynes were in maintaining the unspoken balance between good and evil. With the fall of the Waynes, Gotham City plummets into despair, unhinged and overrun by gangsters and mafia families all struggling in the vacuum of power left behind in the wake of the Waynes’ deaths.


Gotham serves as more than an origin story for many of Gotham City’s primary villains. It’s a story that creates a universe and begs for salvation. Look at these awesome Charter Cable TV Deals to find more television entertainment options

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6 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the “Air Bud” films

Air_Bud_HeaderThe Air Bud film series, which is the precursor to the “Air Buddies” films, centered on an unusual golden retriever called Buddy who is able to play—and excel at—various human sports. The Air Bud films are arguably one of the most popular sports related dog films in the past several decades and has inspired sequels, a new franchise, and of course, plenty of knock-offs. But there are many surprising facts about Air Bud, Buddy and the entire franchise—did you know the following interesting trivia?

The real Buddy also played Comet the Dog
In the original Air Bud film, the character of ‘Buddy’ was played by a dog also named Buddy. Buddy also appeared for several seasons in the hit sitcom, Full House, as the beloved pet Comet.

 The first film was filmed in less than a month
Filming a movie can take a lot of time, but the production for the first Air Bud was notoriously short. Despite the use of dog stunts, which can lengthen a shoot, the entire movie was filmed in less than a month!


Only the first two films were released in theaters
Although the franchise continued for several films after the original, only the first two—Air Bud and Air Bud: Golden Receiver—was released in theaters. The rest of the films were released straight to home media.

The film was a box office success
Air Bud, the first film in the series, was a financial success at the box office. The film had a budget of 3 million dollars and recouped over 23 million at the box office. The film’s production budget was recouped in the first weekend alone! The second film, by contrast, only made 11 million in the box office.

‘Air Bud’ played five different sports
Each film in the original Air Bud series featured Buddy learning different sports. Throughout the series, he played: basketball, football, soccer, baseball and volleyball.  The original Buddy actually played four out of these five sports—he did not play volleyball, but he was taught to play hockey by his owner.

The real Buddy was as stray dog
In true rags to riches story, the real Buddy was a stray who was found by his owner during a hike. Kevin di Cicco, who found the dog, took him home and eventually began training him to play various sports, including basketball.


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